Tia Maria Matcha

Tia Maria Matcha is an indulgent creamy liqueur with the distinctive flavours and natural caffeine of Japanese green Matcha tea extract, providing a floral and refreshing twist with a smooth finish. Providing a subtle green pour, the new product has an ABV of 17%, providing contemporary consumers with a new mindful ritual and the perfect drink of choice for every occasion.

Create your perfect Tia Maria Matcha ritual

Mix two teaspoons of sugar and one
teaspoon of matcha powder in a dish

Chill your glass for 10 minutes
or until you have moisture on the glass

Dip the glass rim into the mix
of matcha powder and sugar

Now, fill the glass with ice and add
Tia Maria Matcha to take your matcha time


To make Tia Maria matcha we use natural matcha tea extract providing a natural caffeine and a floral and refreshing twist on the aromatic Tia Maria Matcha taste. When growing Matcha, tea growers cover their fields with large dark nets for two to four weeks before harvesting the tea leaves. As a result of this light deprivation (up to 90%), the plants produce more chlorophyll and amino acids, thus giving the final product its special and delicious sweetness. The matcha leaves are then ground in artisanal granite stone mills in order to fully preserve the colour, flavour and aroma of the Matcha product.