Tia Maria. New Look. Same Recipe.

Tia Maria has a new look, but the recipe remains the same.
It is a unique blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans and premium Vanilla.
By using cold brew extraction, we can always ensure that our coffee liqueur has a distinct taste.

The bottle, which has a harmonious shape with a contemporary twist and soft, clean lines that create a timeless profile, is a perfect match for the new label, designed to highlight the distinctive features and uniqueness of this product.

The signature traits of Tia Maria make it the coffee liqueur par excellence, with a one-of-a kind personality and a strong aromatic structure thanks to its fine 100% Arabica coffee, the unmistakable notes of Vanilla from Madagascar and a touch of strong Jamaican rum.
Exclusive cold brew extraction gives it an intense coffee aroma, which really comes out at first taste, followed by notes of chocolate and pipe tobacco, and then softens on the palate with hints of caramelised cane sugar and vanilla.

Enjoy Tia Maria and let us know if you like this new look!