Yoga relaxation in Ibiza

Dawn is the new dusk in Ibiza! Nightlife no longer takes all the limelight as the spiritual side to Ibiza becomes more and more sought out. Understanding that holidaymakers need balance, Amante Beach Club now offers the ultimate soulful experience to begin your Ibiza day, fusing the calming and restorative energies of yoga and the beach. Perched on one of the most spectacular coves of the Ibiza coastline, Sol den Serra, Amante is the perfect escapist haven in which to energize, revitalise and nurture your mind, body and soul.

Taking place every Tuesday at 9am, this weekly wellness experience begins with a gentle Hatha yoga class overlooking the azure sea. Suitable for all levels, the class is guided by expert yoga instructor, Ruth King, boasting over eight years experience in her teaching. After the class, tuck into the deliciously healthy buffet breakfast – a colourful selection of the freshest juices, fruit, pastries and more while you relax in the chic and sophisticated surrounds of the famous restaurant.



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