VIP style sunsets

If you’re looking to take the iconic Ibiza sunset experience up a notch, head to the north – specifically to Ibiza’s original five-star hotel, Hacienda Na Xamena.  The VIP sunset lounge within the hotel is without a doubt one of the most spectacular settings in Ibiza, and the experience offered within is guaranteed to be one of the most unforgettable holiday experiences of your life. As you enter the stylish sunset viewing platform, the vision of the Na Xamena cliffs is nothing short of breathtaking, and you feel almost suspended between the sea and the sky.

Take a seat in the comfortable lounge for champagne or cocktails – an amazingly romantic setting for couples – as you witness the sun melt into the Mediterranean Sea, then allow yourself to be whisked into the adjoining restaurant for a mind-blowingly lush five-course tasting menu with views to die for. The clever design of the space means every table feels as though it is on a private terrace – discreet, dreamy and super romantic!


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