Two Door Cinema Club

More again please. With their new album Beacon the three-piece from County Down, Northern Ireland, serve up further helpings of their seemingly effortless melodic indie rock. There’s a spontaneity to their songcraft that can’t help but make you smile along with them, a kind of ubiquity too: these are songs that would fit in everywhere from the kitchen to the club. These are songs you could hang out with just about anywhere. This also helps explain why Two Door Cinema Club gigs sell out in record time: their live shows are more like parties with friends than paying concerts. Beacon follows their debut Tourist History which won the 2010 Irish Album of the Year and whose tracks slipped further into the public consciousness through Vodafone ads and Gran Tourismo 5. Two Door fans can be assured, the new album delivers: tracks building to climax on the kind of melodies that appear to have been just waiting to be discovered. Sure the ground may have been previously trod by the likes of Death Cab For Cutie and Bloc Party but now the Beacon’s being carried by three guys from the Emerald Isle.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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