The sounds coming out of Northern Europe conjure up a moving kind of melancholy that touches something deep inside us, that space where the real touches the eternal. It’s one reason why Dane Anders Trentemøller’s services are so in demand by his fellow musicians – he has become the purveyor of that special something for the international chill out scene. His albums and remixes pull together dance and contemplation, a mix that works both in the club and watching the Ibiza sun set. He has just released Never Stop Running in advance of his new album, Lost, due to come out in September, and is joining Depeche Mode on tour, a sure sign his songs will soon be reaching a wider audience.

And as the audience get closer to him, so he gets closer to the audience, songs like Never Stop Running strong (for Trentemøller) on melody and vocals, somehow capturing all the excitement of summer in the city. After the tour with Depeche Mode, Trentemøller will be performing live in some great summer festivals, including July 6 Amsterdam’s Pitch Festival, July 18 Dour in Belgium, and July 20 Longitude in Dublin.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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