Music that brings peace, that’s Tosca. The Austrian duo of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber is one of the stand out acts in the world of  ‘soft’ electronica. Ethereal dreamscaps traversed by heavenly voices, such as that of Sarah Callier on ‘What If’ on their forthcoming album ‘Odeon’, is the stuff of Tosca, constantly probing the theme – what if what we think we are see is in reality something else altogether? What if the waves formed a symphony? If you ask musicians, the whole world is a song… The duo construct little masterpieces of sound architecture, designed to be experienced with the knowledge that, once inside, anything is possible. The listener is encouraged to go with the flow, be wafted along by the Tosca’s warmth tinged with that touch of timeless Eastern European melancholy.

‘Odeon’ is their sixth, much anticipated album of consciously visual music, designed to evoke tangible images, colors, landscapes, inspired by the likes of Brian Eno and “world sound” that  accompanies the setting of the sun. ‘Odeon’ will also be released as a double CD, time enough to explore the distant dimensions of Tosca, to enter their fantasy world, be transported by their dreamscapes.  


Pierfrancesco Pacoda



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