Theophilus London

After wowing them at Cannes (video above) and featuring in UK fashion bible iD, 25-year-old Theophilus London can have a fair claim to be on the right side of style and indeed the Theophilus package applies not only to his rap but meticulous attention to image. Sporting a Wu Tang Clan logo on his t-shirt during his recent Tour de Roses, London also nods to their gift for iconography in his promotion of the ubiquitous rose, fast-becoming the Theophilus London logo.  But it’s not only about the merchandising – his online mixtapes, released free, quickly singled him out as a fresh talent. Prepared to go where other rappers fear, he is not afraid to list Kraftwork and the Smiths as some of his more leftfield influences.  His album ‘Timez are Weird These Days’ is the sound of the summer, perfectly suited for long evenings of impossible love. After a whirlwind world tour, August 4 sees his Central Park concert in his hometown of New York.

Pierfrancesco pacoda

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