Theophilus London @ Tia Maria Room

Hip hop mixtape master Theophilus London will be the star of the Tia Maria Room in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on December 19. The Trinidad-born New Yorker produces music that draws on a breathtakingly diverse range of styles, from soul to reggae to rock andblues, redefining the boundaries of hip hop. At his Amsterdam showcase, the audience can look forward to sounds that manage to combine the sensuality of Prince with the rigorous electronica of Kraftwerk. London is the essence of the performer whose music style, creative image and the hard rhythms of urban sound merge, his electro touches harking back to the ‘golden age’ of rap and Afrika Bambaataa. Before he even released his debut album, Timez Are Weird These Days in 2011, the style magazines went crazy for him. He has collaborated with Gucci and posed for Tommy Hillfiger, GQ has called him a style icon.

At the Tia Maria room he is widely expected to perform numbers from his new album due out next year. Either way, the audience can be assured of a performance by one of the shining stars of his generation.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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