The XX

Calibrated with the intensity of a top DJ building a mood, the new XX album does not disappoint. Coexist seems to do just that: retain the sombre quality of their Mercury-winning debut while injecting the feel of what their production guru Jamie Smith called “club music”. Smith has been much in demand of late, remixing for the likes of Adele, Florence + The Machine and Glasser. Yet it seems he, Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim who constutite the XX after the departure of Baria Qureshi, have left the best for themselves, the new album pulsing with their trademark downbeat urban energy reminiscent of Four Tet’s VCR remix.
Graduates of London’s Elliot School along with Burial, Hot Chip and Four Tet himself, the XX seem to be channelling the soul of a city in a state of constant renewal and creative tension. This sense of possibility is illustrated by their use of technology not only to produce but share their music. The whole album can be heard on their website and there is an app that allows you to become part of a map of fans, creating relationships between those who are united by their passion for the band. And if you buy a ticket online for their upcoming U.S. tour, you can download the new album free.
 Their sense of experimentation has also led them to team up with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra at the Spa Bridlington on September 19 for a concert to be broadcast on Radio One.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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