The XX

It’s set to be one of the highlights of 2014 – and one that tries to break the live mould, or maybe that should be re-shape it in to something akin to the intimate experience between listener and performer that so often gets lost when fame beckons. March will see a hefty line up of gigs by The XX – but they won’t be your usual mega-venue crowd pleasers. Instead they will be limited to 40 people only, and tickets will have to be booked well in advance to ensure a seat.

The concert series will be held at the Wade Thompson Drill Hall in New York, March 19 to 29, with two gigs every day during the week and three shows over the weekend. Whatever else you might think about The XX, you can’t say they don’t work hard for their fans! The show will be designed by the band exclusively for the venue, so so will be a truly one-off series, although it does follow on from a similar idea they executed at the Manchester International Festival last year.

The group will have reworked their songs to fit the venue and ambience and create that intense connection with the audience. Look forward to masterpieces like ‘Coexist’ hitting home powerfully in this most intimate of settings. Three stars for The XX!


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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