Lana del Rey’s performance @ Sonar

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Without a doubt, last night went down in Sónar history. The clear reason: a live performance by Lana Del Rey at Sónar by Night. It is said that the festival achieved its best and largest influx of public attendance and it was obvious because every hall and corridor were indeed crowded. People went continuously up and down, and it was very difficult to see the stages close up.

Furthermore, the SonarPub, where Lana Del Rey was going to play, was bursting by 11 p.m. But everybody lived intensely the moment we had all been waiting for when the New Yorker singer showed her face on stage causing the general euphoria. It all started with a cheerful “good night Sónar” and then, Blue Jeans was the chosen song which definitely pulled the trigger. “I thought you would like this” said Lana before giving us a present: Body electric, her new single, specially sung for Barcelona’s public. From that moment on, the artist won clearly all sympathies and the public cheered up until she began to sing her most popular theme Born to die, song which caused the highest eruption. Lana del Rey was set apart from the rest four important reasons: her voice was melancholic, sharp and a bit shy, her movements on stage were quite subtle and delicate, she did not need any kind of technologic complement on stage and she was accompanied by a quartet of violins, a piano and a guitar. It was the best equation to consolidate Lana as a great new international singer. Finally, her performance went on with well-known songs like Video games, Lolita, Carmen. And finally, before singing her last song, National Anthem, she decided to give us a final present. “I wish I could be with you” and then, suddenly, she went down to the crowd twice to kiss and shake hands with her fans who started to shout madly. In fact, Lana’s performance at Sónar was clear evidence for anyone that’s quick to label her with snap opinions.

Brazilian Amon Tobin gave us an important artistic performance with his audio-visual structure, similar to an unbuilt Rubik’s cube. This bright and colourful performance set a precedent for other artist as Deadmau5 who are playing tonight. The inclement dubstep of James Blake, the hard electronic music of Fatboy Slim, the young band of Friendly Fires, the author of electronic music John Talabot, Nina Kraviz, Mouse on Mars, among others, put the icing on the cake. What does Sónar have in store for us today?

Víctor Cardona

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