Tia Maria @ Sonar Barcelona

Tia Maria is beginning a new and important journey thorough the world of contemporary and urban music, exploring the best music festivals around the world in collaboration with international contributors and bloggers. To bring the exciting atmosphere and cool vibes from the Sonar Festival closer to our readers, we have a special live coverage from Barcelona. Our guest blogger Emanuele D’Angelo (Livincool.com) will send us daily live photos on Instagram, tweets and comments from Barcelona and our new contributor Victor Cardona (lamonomagazine.com) will share with us his impressions directly from The Festival of ‘Advanced Music’.

‘Advanced Music’, music that doesn’t respect borders, which chooses instability rather than ‘gender’, in constant movement, representing changes from urban districts where art becomes communication. To this kind of music Sonar is dedicated. The Festival of ‘Advanced Music’, in Barcelona, MACBA, the Museum of Contemporary Art, will be the home to the international avant-garde musicians, DJ’s and groups, from 14 to 16 June. Thinking about all of the acts from the previous Sonar editions is like flipping through the pages of a catalog containing, as Brian Eno calles them, “Possible Musics”. This is how it will also be in 2012, with the pop superstar Lana Del Rey who will share the stage with Richie Hawtin and the Chilean techno star Luciano who will appear on the same stage as the hip hop group the Roots. An then Kode9, Squarepusher, New Order, Deadmau5, May Anne Hobbs, James Blake …

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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