Sleepin Giantz

The most exciting new urban music increasingly seems to come from collaborations between artists who find creative harmony despite their different visions. That’s definitely the case with one of the most innovative new British super groups, Sleepin Giantz, the result of a long friendship and collaboration between artists that have their roots in hip hop, dubstep, and grime: in short, the different sounds revolving around the metropolis. Formed by Zed Bias, Rodney P and Fallacy, Sleepin Giantz have debuted with their self-titled album which also adds reggae and garage to the sonic mix. Then there’s that cinematic feel to their output, reflected by their second single Mucky, with it’s homage to zombie movies, and especially those of George A Romero.

The stunning originality of Sleepin Giantz songs is matched by their technological prowess, shot through with a human warmth that overwhelms the sterile digital universe. If these guys carry on like this, we can all look forward to more ‘dubstep symphonies’.


Perfrancesco Pacoda

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