Selah Sue

For a small country, Belgium has produced a lot of pop talent and the latest soulful chanteuse (or perhaps that should be “zanger” – she’s from Dutch-speaking Flanders) to emerge is Selah Sue. The 23-year-old has been going strong since she leared the guitar at 15 and has already sold almost half a million singles in Europe with hits ‘Raggamuffin’ featuring J Cole, ‘Crazy Vibes’ and ‘This World’. Her music draws from Belgium’s deep multicultural roots and is suffused with a soul and reggae spirit. She cites influences like Lauryn Hill, MIA and Erykah Badu. One of her life-changing moments was meeting soul singer Ndegeoncello Meshel. 
Her eponymous debut album, Selah Sue, hit number 1 in the Belgium charts and also charted in the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. Gigging across Europe, she performs at St. Moritz on July 28. Find out more at

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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