He brings out the bass, SBTRKT, on his journey to the borders of dubstep, where it joins with soul and the more sentimental side of funk. His debut album broke in 2011 and was followed by a long tour which featured a dazzling light show and collaborations with artists like Jessie Ware and Yukijmi Nagano of Little Dragon as he brought dubstep to a wider audience. SBTRKT’s (or Aaron Jerome as he’s doubtless known to the taxman) new album ‘Live’ documents this process and is a perfect opportunity for the  listener to get to grips with the hypnotic rhythm, the catchy melodies that constitute this breakthrough act. Together with vocalist Sampha, SBTRKT has created a stunning live album that keeps surprising and engaging the listener throughout. ‘Trials of the Past’ and ‘Never Never’ are future pop anthems which live seem to have even more impact than the originals. ‘Go Bang’ was recorded with the London Heritage Orchestra, while ‘Wildfire’ is a minor classic thanks to the beautiful voice of Nagano, who will plainly be in SBTRK’s contact book for some time to come. The new ‘Migration’ is also well worth a listen. ‘Live’ is out now. 


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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