Savannah Beach Club

The chill out bars are the places of worship in Ibiza, where you can admire unforgettable sunsets to the sound of music perfectly calibrated to prepare you for the Balearic night. The Savannah Beach Club Ibiza stands out as the place to experience the best of Ibiza, its classy, laid back interior coming together with exquisite musical taste to make it a must visit this season. Great food, fantastic cocktails (including, for the first time this summer, the Tia Maria Ibiza, which promises to be the ultimate cocktail of the season) the Savannah is on “sunset strip”, the best place to watch the sun melting in to the sea, and regular location of the most popular pre-parties on the island.

Imagine relaxing under the white colonial-style tents that reflect the rays of the sun while supping on your Tia Maria Ibiza and choosing your itinery for the night, as ever full of possibility in Ibiza. Known for its world class sound system, the Savannah hosts superstar DJs who perform before going on to the clubs. As well as the live parties it will be hosting with Tia Maria this summer, Savannah is also known for its Hed Kandi pre-party for Es Paradis with a highly addictive sound mixed in an intimate, friendly setting where artists and celebrities mingle with the crowd.

A feature of Savannah is to bring together the most famous DJs on a single night, their audience following them from the “sunset strip” to the large dance floors.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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