All the passion and energy of a live concert, all the delight of the dance floor. Increasingly dance is focusing on the “physical”, no longer reliant solely on technology but an array of sounds and live instruments that enable it to pack more of a punch. And it’s helping it hit the top of the charts.  And one of the groups that employs this to greatest effect on the UK scene is Rudimental, where the DJ acts as part of a live band on stage with the rest of the group.  The starting point of course, and especially in London, is dubstep, mixing an array of styles including hip hop, reggae and soul with aplomb, packed with echoes and reverberations in the best tradition of Jamaican dancehall. 

Out of this sound Rudimental craft cracking pop like Feel The Love. An instant hit, the song reached the top of the charts and featured regularly on BBC Radio One.  All this has led the group, only founded a couple of years ago, to become one of the most anticpated acts of London’s famous Hackney Weekend festival. Since then Rudimental have cut a number of discs with some of the emerging voices of new English soul like Angel Haze with ‘Waiting All Night’Their new album ‘Home’ confirms their commitment to soul, interpreted as ever through a sensibility focused firmly on the the dance floor.

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