Rochelle Jordan

She is Rochelle Jordan, soul’s new star of 2013. That sensual pout topped by the afro, that voice see-sawing between innocence and knowing. She’s young, her light just beginning to pulse in the soul firmament. It’s taken two EPs for this Canadian talent to make an international mark. Jesse Ware’s a fan, recruiting her for her North American tour after she heard her album PRESSURE via the web (it’s still available). She may hark from Toronto in the Noughties but like Jessie Ware, Rochelle is plainly driven by R & B from Nineties, especially the likes of Aalliyah and Amerie. This shines through in PRESSURE, along with her obvious debt to Mr Stevie Wonder which at times can make the disc feel like a tribute to past classics and evoke a vintage dance hall feel. But thanks to that fresh voice, the album never becomes overly nostalgic.  

Check out Rochelle’s sultry black and white video for Shotgun, and catch her new release, Impossible (based on She Will by Lil Waine) live on her US tour.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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