With Phoenix there’s simply no curb to creativity and the classic album format just does not contain space enough to contain their creative vision. So their next album ‘Bankrupt!’, out now, is offered in a deluxe edition that will contain no less than… 71 bonus tracks! The band has already performed ‘Entertainment’, one of the tracks from ‘Bankrupt!’, on US cult TV show Saturday Night Live and they have also produced a homemade video. The story behind the production of Bankrupt! Is compelling in itself: the group actually produced the record using the console that mixed Michael Jackson’s classic 1982 album ‘Thriller’ and they’ve spoken about the influence of the device on ‘Bankrupt!’ which was shipped from the US to their Paris studio especially for the recording.  The album is being heralded as bringing a more urban feel to the celebrated ‘French Touch’ that has brought so many accolades and the remix of ‘Entertainment’ by Dev Haynes with vocals by Sugarbabes Mutya, Siobhan and Geisha is certain to win plaudits.

You can catch Phoenix this summer at some of the world’s major music festivals including Glastonbury in the UK in June and in August at Chicago’s Lollapalooza.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda


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