Palma Violets

Their debut single, ‘Best of Friends’, was chosen by the NME as song of the year for 2012 and they have been chosen by the BBC as one of the 15 contenders for their Sound of 2013 poll. This would be enough to justify the increasing interest in South London’s Palma Violets, but really all it comes down to the music, which seems to fit as easily on dance floors as rock clubs. The quartet met at the Reading festival and opened a small art space, Studio 180, which became the site of their first intimate performances and writing of the songs on their new album. They captured the attention of legendary label Rough Trade and since then the foot has been firmly on the accelerator. Guitars are the foreground of the Palma Violets, but they’re smooth, velvety, while retaining their rock urgency. The group, in fact, seems to always play as if it were the middle of a party, with no other desire than to make their friends start dancing. And as if to emphasise this, the group chose to record the album in the studio as if they were live over just a few days, with a few overdubs. Rare indeed. “We’re not the kind of band that plays the same song 20 or 30 times,” said  keyboardist Pat Mayhew. “We wanted an album that had that live sound.” 

The album, which was released earlier this month, is be called ‘180′ in homage to the old building where they performed for their first listeners.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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