The dust is only just beginning to settle after another incredible season in Ibiza, but the energy of the Balearic beat continues to spread upon dance floors around the world.

And this wasn’t just any year – this season featured the 40th anniversary of one of the hubs of the international dance scene – Pacha – the splendid Ibizan “finca” that changed nightlife forever.  So it truly was a season-long party with the biggest DJs, new spaces and branding and now a new disc. ‘Pacha Ibiza 40 Years 1973-2013’ recounts the legend across four CDs, a long succession of sounds and artists who have shaped the past years. Listening to the disc transports you to a celebration of hedonism that spans the decades – the tunes and the tribes, the hippies and celebrities, the hopes the dreams and the damn, damn good times. This comprehensive collection has it all, from house to nu soul. An essential collection for anyone with a passion for Pacha.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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