The release of a new album by David Bowie is always an event, even if it is a special edition of an existing one. In early November he will release a three-disc edition of his recent album ‘The Next Day’ featuring five previously unreleased songs and a DVD with videos of album tracks like ‘Where Are We Now?’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’.

One of the things to look forward to is an extended version (10 minutes) of ‘Love is Lost’, remixed by James Murphy, the New York DJ of LCD Soundsystem fame, in tribute to the artist. Murphy has created a tight and hypnotic score involving a dance loop and the techniques of American avant-garde composer Steve Reich, master of minimalist music, whose hypnotic style has recently been all the rage.

The remix even has the subtitle ‘Hello Steve Reich’, a tribute to the composition ‘Clapping Music’ by the composer. This is actually the second time Murphy and Bowie have collaborated, having been involved in the making of the new album by Arcade Fire, ‘Reflektor’.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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