Mo’ Horizons

Having come to prominence on compilation albums such as the Buddha Bar series, Mo’ Horizons new album Coming Home evokes the kind of celluloid feel we have come to expect from the Hanover duo. Picture palm trees, an azure-blue ocean, that picture-perfect sunset and you have the feel of Coming Home, mixing jazz with funk, soul with soundtrack. DJs Ralf and Mark have pulled together the tracks that have inspired a sound reknown for its smooth charm. There’s the intimate jazz of the Hidden Jazz Quartet through to Omaria Portuondo of the Buena Vista Social Club. A cocktail that blends Clay Hammond (You Threw Out Your Lifeline) with Betty Everett (Someday Soon) with Mo’ Horizons own (Sunshine Today), Coming Home is carefully calibrated to please. “There is everything that has shaped our musical sensitivity. Soul, rhythm, melody, passion”, explain the duo.

As Autumn closes in, this is the soundtrack to the last of summer.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda



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