Global pop phenomenon Mika stunned the world with his debut in 2007, ‘Grace Kelly’. His falsetto voice instantly recognisable (he is s rumoured to have a range of five octaves, but claims that it is actually closer to three and a half) his songs about love and other complications have won over young and old alike. The Bafta winner’s performance at Lovebox on Sunday June 17 will be a tribute to a deceptively light touch that seems to conjure-up instantly catchy hits almost out of thin air. His set will doubtless feature highlights from his previous two albums and a taste of his eagerly-awaited ‘The Origin Of Lov’e including the single ‘Elle me dit’, his first song in French (which shouldn’t have come too hard for him as he is fluent in French and Spanish as well as English!). But whatever the language Mika’s music is pure delight for the ears, unashamedly upbeat and somehow out-of-time. Like the very greatest musicians, Mika has the power, it seems, to lift us out of ourselves and join with him in his timeless Universe.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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