Melanie De Biasio

With her warm voice, mellow, velvety tones that go from the most intimate to the most immediate, Melanie De Biasio could be a star from the jazz clubs of Harlem during the years of bebop. This extraordinary singer, much admired by Gilles Peterson, who manages to balance the ethereal atmospheres and physicality of the blues is one of the richest talented artists of contemporary vocal scene.

The Belgium-born singer blends the musical traditions of her home with a strong love for the soul and vitality of Afro-American music. Following on from the success of her debut album ‘A Stomach Is Burning’, which topped jazz charts worldwide, her new CD ‘No Deal’ brings the full range of someone trained at the Brussels Conservatory to contemporary jazz.

Preceded by single ‘The Flow’, the album is an object lesson in sensual jazz that is sure to take the scene by storm.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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