Lost Sirens by New Order

Each release by New Order, becoming increasingly rare after their break-up and subsequent reunion, plays a central role in the evolution of contemporary music, moving beyond genres. The Manchester band ‘defined’ the electronic sound of the 80’s and would become an important influence on the birth of ‘Balearic Sound’ and the whole scene, still going strong, that revolves around Ibiza. That’s why ‘Lost Sirens’ is well worth a listen, if only to track the influences and what it will go on to influence. This is not so much an album of unreleased tracks but as Bernard Sumner calls it, “an unfinished work”. During the recording of their album Waiting for the Sirens’ Call the band recorded a number of songs that have in fact waited until now to be heard. They were all produced with bassist Peter Hook, who later left the band. There is also a new remix of Sirens Call and a song that only appeared on a single. There are of course the keyboards that have always been their signature, and the vocals and melodies that seem to come from a different dimension, or maybe a universe somewhere between the constellations of electronic and funk.

‘Lost Sirens’ has in fact everything – the hypnotic, the persuasive, the cheeky romance, the sense of foreboding. The album is a tribute to the lads from Manchester who went on to spark many a musical revolution. 


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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