Lisa Stansfield

At a time of renewed interest in electro pop, particularly following the international success of Daft Punk’s super chic ‘Random Access Memories’, many of the original players on the scene are back with new work.

Lisa Stansfield, for example, struck a beautiful balance between electronica and soul and collaborated with the likes of duo Coldcut on ‘People Hold On’ which provided a wonderful example of how creative you can be with dance with its references to hip hop, soul and even jazz. Other hits such as ‘All Around The World’ and ‘All Woman’ carved her name in pop history and made her one of the major players of her time

Now comes her new album ‘Seven’, preceded by the single ‘Can’t Dance’. ‘Seven’ is an extraordinary collection of songs wrapped in a dreamy, orchestrated atmosphere.

Stansfield has never sounded more soulful… and special.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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