Lana Del Rey at Sonar

At Barcelona’s Sonar festival, New York chanteuse Lana Del Rey gave the audience what they were waiting for, opening with ‘Blue Jeans’ in a set packed with hits including ‘Born to Die’, ‘Video Games’, and closing with ‘National Anthem’. ‘I insisted on performing at Sonar,’ said the singer, whose genres range from Hip Hop to Indie, ‘I was excited about the idea of playing at a festival with such an experimental reputation. It’s one of the few shows I will be doing this summer because I have to work on my new album. ‘The singer, whose music is characterized by its atmospherics, said: ‘Heat, summer, sea, Barcelona… they all affect the live performance in the same way as I think my album ‘Born to Die’ had this strong sense of California.’ Of her image: ‘There’s nothing contrived, it’s all me. My way of dressing, the way I’ve always been, and this is one of the reasons it works: because it’s true to who I am, what I feel, and that’s what I put in my songs… the music is simply who I am.’

Pierfrancesco Pacoda


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