Bobby Womack

Heralded as a “masterpiece of electronic gospel”, The Bravest Man in the Universe marks the comeback of soul legend Bobby Womack almost 20 years on from his previous release. The album is the result of an extraordinary friendship and collaboration between the American singer and Damon Albarn, who has been a fan since he was a teenager. Inviting him to sing on the third Gorillaz album, the former Blur frontman went on to co-produce his new album. And now his long-awaited appearance at Lovebox 2012 where he is likely to be joined on stage by Lana Del Ray. Their duet ‘Dayglo Reflection’ from his new album seems to encompass the influences that inspired Womack over his long career, from the blues of the Mississippi Delta to the church choirs of Harlem. Somewhere between funk and pop, it could be the soundtrack to a film – his film – from singing in a group with his brothers at the age of 10, to penning the Rolling Stone’s first ever No 1 hit ‘It’s All Over Now’ in 1964, before going on to sing with Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, and Sly and the Family Stone. Still more reasons not to miss his rare appearance at Lovebox on June 16.

Pierfrancresco Pacoda


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