Lana del Rey

New commitments, new mediums for the alluring Lana del Rey. ‘Born to Die’ chanteuse will be the lead alongside model Shaun Ross in a new short film due to be released this summer. First glimpses suggest ‘Tropico’ will be an evocative exotica. For example early publicity shots have Lana cradling a snake…

The film, which lasts 30 minutes, is produced by Rick Rubin, the man behind the most important urban music of recent years. Director Anthony Mandler describes ‘Tropico’ as a story of redemption “that revolves around the extreme sensuality of the two protagonists” with a screenplay based on three of Lana’s most beautiful songs Body Electric, Gods and Monsters and Bel Air. Only a few months ago another song by the singer, Young and Beautiful, was used for the soundtrack of ‘The Great Gatsby’ with Leonardo di Caprio. But the passion of Lana del Rey for the darker side of cinema, for films that evoke an atmosphere of restlessness, poised between emotional tension and danger, is one of the most powerful and original aspects of her artistic personality. Just think of one of the songs that made her famous: her extraordinary performance of Blue Velvet, the “title track” of David Lynch’s masterpiece.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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