Jose Padilla

Look carefully in Ibiza in 2012 and you could discover the stuff of legends. Such as DJ Jose Padilla: one of the first to popularise chill out and the man behind the first six Café del Mar compilations. Barcelona-born Padilla took up residency at the Café del Mar in 1991 and went on to compile the first Café del Mar in ’94. He is the father of “sunset music”, so it’s hardly surprising that his latest compilation (2011) is entitled Here Comes The Sunset. An increasingly cult figure with an international following (and tour schedule) it can be tricky to track him down, but this summer the DJ is back in Ibiza – at the stunning Kumharas Bar.  Here, as part of the Back to My Roots festival every Wednesday during August, you can watch the sun go down the way it’s meant to be in Ibiza – listening to music of a legend.

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