This jazz collective from Berlin’s Mitte district has been at the very heart of the cultural transformation of the city. Open to a wide range of influences they can trace their musical roots back to the Harlem clubs where the dance floor ruled. Jazzanova’s blend of funk, soul and jazz is calibrated to the most exquisite rhythms, its extraordinary horn section a synthesis of dance and swing. Whether during DJ sets or gigs, these Germans know how to move body and soul, a new film, ‘Jazzanova – like a band’, tracing their career alongside the evolution of their city. Meanwhile the collective is involved on a busy tour schedule and various splinter projects. Alex Barck chose the island of Reunion as the venue to record his solo album from which the first single ‘Re-Set’ has just been released. Barck collaborated with local musicians on the project, providing an exotic Franco-African twist.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda


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