Jamie Lidell

What make’s Jamie Lidell so special is that although his sweet soul voice nods to the likes of Prince, James Brown and a host of other greats his sound is never mired in the past, on the contrary – you sense this is the sound of the future. Lidell’s new new self-titled CD is just out. Sure, it has a sweet, retro vibe, reminiscent of Talking Heads 80s “afro” period, but there’s also that edgy contemporary feel that keeps you looking forward, not back.  We’re talking about songs that feel not just composed, but designed to move the body, relax the mind, inviting you to let go, follow a rhythm that keeps you going all the way to the final track.  Produced and recorded alone, alone he will tour, an explosive live act surrounded by old synthesizers and futuristic devices. His passion for soul has reached a creative peak with this album, following a path trod since ‘Compass’, an exercise dedicated to the best of R&B, with a particular focus on legendary Stax Records.

Jamie Lidell will be released in February hot on the heals of the single (and video) ‘What A Shame’. Don’t miss Lidell live – his tour begins March 8 in London (Heaven), 13 Amsterdam (Paradiso), 15 Paris (Gaite Lyrique), then its off the US. 


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