James Yuill

With a guitar over his shoulder and a laptop hopefully somewhere a little safer, James Yuill has forged the frontiers of Folktronica, the new genre of folk-tinged electronica. It may seem an unlikely pairing but like the best relationships, Yuill’s ability to marry the seeming opposites of folk and dance appears to have brought out the best in both. Maybe its got something to do with his growing reputation as a remixer, working with the likes of Au Revoir Simone, David Holmes and The Answering Machine. Yuill is one of the Folktronica’s most creative atists. On stage, between accoustic instruments and machine technology, stands a storyteller who takes us from rural Enghlish backwaters to bustling city nights, each song a pocket universe. His songs introduce a new dimension of dance floor and new depth to folk. Listen to ‘Turning Down Water For Air’ or ‘Movement in a Storm’ and prepare to be transported.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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