James Blake

Among the new faces to have emerged from the UK electronic music scene in recent times, James Blake is definitely one who has seemed to have his finger on the experimental and multicultural pulse, fashioning tunes with a decidedly pop aesthetic out of the dubstep vibe – this is the sound of London. From the outset his music has packed an emotional punch that sets it apart, drawing on the roots of soul that still run deep in Britain. Then there’s the gospel choir filtered through dubstep bass, demanding we consider the sound afresh. Now stripped own – some unforgettable interpretations of just voice and piano like ‘Why Don’t You Call Me’.

So his new album Overgrown will be one to wait for, scheduled for an April release, anticipated by the first single ‘Retrograde’ . And meanwhile we can enjoy one he made a little earlier – ‘Voyeur’.
Blake is a musician who only ever seems to get better – 2013 could be the year he finally goes stellar.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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