Interview with Roger Taylor

His unmistakable sound resonates through the music and the decade, although ironically for a drummer Roger Taylor proved the “quiet man” of Duran Duran. Preferring a low profile he quit the iconic Eighties band mid-way through the decade before rejoining in the Nineties.  Now Duran Duran are back on tour and Roger Taylor tells us all about their future projects.


So you’re back!
And to think during the New Romantic era, when we were free to express ourselves, our fantasies, we thought it could never last. But we’re still here.


And you’re still creating dreams.
It’s been our approach from the beginning, since Girls on Film, since Rio. For us, New Romanticism was a dazzling adventure in which everyone could play a different role from everyday life. You could create your own look, fashion your own fantasies into reality, a parallel world in which you could decide who could enter.


And this approach has survived.
This year we had the most important recognition of our career. We were invited to play at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London. We will be representing British music, its history, going back to Live Aid in the Eighties which came to represent part of our culture, demonstrated pop music can make a difference.


By way of changes, you have gone from the drums with Duran Duran to mixer. Will you still DJ?
Of course, my four hour set last summer at the Blue Marlin in Ibiza with dance legend ‘Little’ Louie Vega was unforgettable. I can’t resist the dance floor.


What music do you choose for your sets in clubs?
My sets are a journey into house and how it relates to rock and new wave.


Interview by Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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