Interview with Laura Mvula

The new edition of the Tia Maria Music Room is approaching. On 12th June, at Soho’s Century Club, Tia Maria will host a special evening featuring live performance by the rising star of soul music, Laura Mvula. Before the event, we had a chance to chat with Laura and ask her some questions about her projects, her Gospel background and the upcoming Tia Maria event in London.

Laura, can you tell us something about your gospel background and how it is connected to the music you are currently making?
Gospel music has shaped how I write songs. I always try to write from the heart and don’t hold anything back.

Do you still find time for your work at the Lichfield Community Gospel Choir ?
No, they’re safely in my husbands hands.

You graduated from the Birmingham Conservatoire. What are the most important lessons you learnt during this experience ?
To persevere in all things.

What do you think of the expression “new soul” and all the attention you and other female soul artists are getting lately?
I’m indifferent. I don’t really think of music in categories… it think music is music

Are there any musicians that particularly influenced your music taste and career ?
Lots and lots and lots and lots…

Is there a DJ or a producer you would like to collaborate with ? Maybe for a remix of one of your songs ?
I’d love to hear what Pharrell would do with one of my songs.


Interview by Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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