Icona Pop

Sweden is one of the frontiers of pop, a scene that regularly serves up electronic-powered bands whose music often has a vague retro flavour, hovering between sentimentality and darkness. Icona Pop are the latest Swedish superstars to launch their longboat on to the airwaves and, as their name implies, they play with classic pop to create songs with irresistible hooks and subtle sensuality. After the stunning success of the single ‘I Love It’, they finally release their debut album ‘This Is’ along with the single ‘All Night’.

It’s all about the Eighties basically, and not just the feel of the music but also the visuals, reminiscent of the robotics craze that was in turn influenced by English New Wave. It certainly hits the sweet spot – ballads perfectly balanced for the beach, songs about love and heartbreak and happiness (what else) conjuring up past and present greats from Depeche Mode to Prince, Florence and the Machine to Daft Punk. They’re currently taking on America: August 2 at Lollapalooza in Chicago, 17 in Miami, Grand Central, 29 in Los Angeles, Fonda Theatre, 30 in San Francisco, The Fillmore, September 20 in New York, Webster Hall.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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