Ibiza Global Radio

Listening to Ibiza Global Radio is the perfect pick up, transporting you to the Balearics on a wave of eclectic music that embodies the cultural openness of the island, where the most hypnotic electronic rhythms mingle with the softest sounds of chill. This is why Ibiza Global Radio is the ideal partner for Tia Maria at Café Savannah. Ibiza Global Radio DJs expertly interpret the Balearic beat which brings together pop and dance to whisk up a happy mix that reminds you Ibiza is the true heir to Flower Power.

Jose Maria Ramon along with other cutting-edge DJs spin the discs between performing at the island’s coolest clubs and festivals, including our own Tia Maria at Café Savannah where you will be able to have the authentic Ibiza experience, following hard on our presence at this year’s Winter Music Conference in Miami where clubbers were up until dawn with some of the world’s leading DJs.

So catch Jose Maria Ramon with The Morning Sound as you start the day, along with the latest news, new songs, previews and offers and stay with Ibiza Global Radio through the night including four live events brought to you from our very own Tia Maria at Café Savannah.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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