Hot Chip

Can you produce electropop and avoid sounding like all the others? The London-based band Hot Chip proves it is quite possibile. Showcasing their new album ‘In Our Heads’ at Lovebox on Friday 15, their sound treads a fine line between indi rock and dance, refusing to be catalogued as either, not least thanks to the likes of remixes by cutting edge artists like Caribou and a literally “out there” sci-fi video for their single ‘Night and Day’ featuring actor Terence Stamp. Hot Chip love to meld media, their live visuals every bit as striking as their sound, something that presumably helped bring them to the attention of the makers of the Simpsons who featured their ‘Boy From School’ in a recent episode. The band is perfectly in tune with Lovebox, which brings together clubby music in a festival atmosphere.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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