Grace Jones at Lovebox

If anyone can embody the spirit of Lovebox 2012, it’s Grace Jones. Taking the stage by storm on Sunday night Ms Jones brought to life the mayhem and glamour of New York’s legendary disco Studio 54 where she mixed with Andy Warhol and Truman Capote and paraded the stylish eccentricity that made her an icon of an age. Her performance was a tribute to the music that first transformed New York and then the world. As expected there was a different outfit for every song, and not just wild clothes, but  ambience, a cheeky French cabaret invoked as she drank wine through a straw for “La Vie en Rose”, “Pull Up to the Bumper” bathed by the light of a huge mirrored disco ball…

Just as “Slave to the Rhythm” is a submission to the power of disco, no one quite sums up the power of Lovebox to draw out the best from its performers than Grace Jones with her eclectic synthesis of rock, funk, soul, reggae and disco from the streets of seventies New York to Victoria Park, London, in 2012.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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