Lena Dunham is the woman (or rather the “girl”) of the moment. The actress, director and all-round commentator on the American cultural scene, has just won two Golden Globes for her TV series Girls, one of the most interesting TV phenomena of the season. And to mark the award, a video for a track that appeared on the soundtrack of the series and which perfectly sums up the ironic, teasing tone of the show, helping demonstrate just why it has been so successful, has been released.

Santigold’s vibrant, playful Girls brings together an international pop and a hip hop sound that comes from the heart of the metropolis. The video cheerfully documents the many ways to be girl today. Filmed on the streets of New York, it moves from one “girl” to another – be she young or old, black, white or Asian – each talking about their different ways of experiencing the city. The song is included on the album Girls Volume 1, which brings together the music that accompanied the series. In addition to Santigold there’s Belle & Sebastian, Fleet Foxes, Robyn and many more.

Music takes a central role in the series. Said Lena Duhnam: “Music plays an important part in my creative process, I used my regular personal playlist that I listen to when writing episodes, choosing songs that, in my opinion, reflect the different moods of the characters, from pop to rock music.”

Santigold’s Girls is a minor masterpiece of rap that manages to make us feel like we’re on the streets of New York ourselves through a mix of sounds and voices that come straight out of the soul of Gotham. 


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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