Gilles Peterson and Brownswood

His name is synonymous with ‘new jazz’, his label Talkin’Loud made musical history with its synthesis of dance floor, soul and jazz, introducing new artists including Incognito who went on to become superstars. Years on, Gilles Peterson – DJ, producer, radio presenter – still plays a major role in freeing under-the-radar talent from the shackles of elite fandom and introducing them to a wider audience. Not just artists, but sounds too: together with dubstep guru Mala, he recently went to Cuba and the result is Mala in Cuba, released on Peterson’s most recent label Brownswood Recordings. Brownswood is Peterson’s laboratory where he has released nine volumes of cuts from up-and-coming acts he’s christened ‘Bubblers’. One such act on the Bubblers 9 is the Hics with their track Lines. The six young South Londoners have the kind of approach Peterson loves, their influences continually switching from past to present. Following their appearance on the compilation, they will have an EP on Brownswood out in 2013.

The ‘Bubblers’ series is, in short, one of the best opportunities you can get to hear what’s bubbling under. Not to be missed.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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