Fat Freddy’s Drop

Take the swagger of Jamaican dub, throw in a little soul and send it halfway down the globe, and what comes back? The band Fat Freddy’s Drop, according to a national radio DJ from the band’s native New Zealand. This is the music for lovers of reggae and the surf, what can happen when a group of friends who grew up by the ocean get together and create a live sound somewhere between Jamaica and the dance floor. Backe Fat Freddy’s Drop d by a horn section and it becomes impossible to resist the live allure of the band  named after a star of the Freak Brothers comic strips, a series which, like the band, once sampled has a kind of irresistable, hypnotic allure.  Watch the audience let go and flow with the rhythm. The band’s extraordinary ability to turn any place into a dance hall is clear on their Live CD recorded at London’s Roundhouse.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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