Exclusive interview with Jarvis Church, the live act at the Tia Maria Room in Montreal

Jarvis Church is the first artist to perform at the TiaMaria Room event taking place on 6th of December in Montreal. The Canadian soul singer, that released ‘The Sam Cooke Sessions’ a few months ago, will perform some of the classic songs that made the history of soul music.


Jarvis, how did you discover soul music?
I discovered Soul Music at a really young age through my parents. There was always music playing in my house growing up.

Can you remember the first record you listened to and the impact this record had on you?
One of the first albums I ever bought was Men Without Hats – Cargo. I played it so much I wore the tape out.

Which is “now” the message of “soul” music?
To me Soul music can have a variety of different messages as long as the music stirs your soul.

Can you tell us about the concert you will/have performed for Tia Maria Room?
The Tia Maria concert in Montreal will have all 10 members of the Soul Station rockin on 10 to bring down the house.

In your career, you also worked with Nelly Furtado, can you please tell us about this experience?
I did discover her as well as produce her first 2 album. I did the same with K’naan. Finding and developing new talent is something I love as well.

Is there a “soul” scene in Canada?
If there is a Soul Scene in Canada I haven’t seen it.

Can you tell us about the “Soul Station” series?
The Soul Station series will be a collection of 4 or 5 albums that each spotlight one of the Soul greats that have inspired me. Starting with Sam Cooke, each year ill release a new one to be revealed only then that will feature some of that artists most famous songs as well as a few originals of my own.

You began with “The Sam Cooke Sessions”, why did you choose this artist?
I started with Sam Cooke because not only is he one of my favourites but he is widely considered to be the originator of Soul Music with his mixture of Gospel and Rock and Roll.


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