DJ Pippi

Rarefied and ethereal atmospheres, sounds that blend with the setting of the sun… Ibiza is definitely the home of “sunset” and the music that accompanies it. 
And as the crowds flock to the island every summer, the quest is on to experience the perfect sunset… and the superstar DJ able to conjure up that authentic “Balearic beat”.
The DJs are as much a part of Ibiza as the flora and fauna – the summer months, the parties, the hedonism.
Pippi is one of the “original” Ibiza DJs – among the elite that helped create the legend that is Ibiza.
Saturdays at Pacha he hosts the celebrated “Funky Room”, a genuine taste of “flower power” that has persevered through years for good reason – its a synthesis of soul, rock and disco you can only experience here.
The day after he is on the stage at Sirocco Beach Club, which became his “residence” a few years back and where he is often joined by big name guest DJs. In one of the less touristy parts of Play den Bossa Pippi he accompanies the setting of the sun, often along with live bands playing traditional Latin music.

And now you can enjoy DJ Pippi not only in the beach club but also at home with his new collection which ranges between deep house and ambient, perfect for the sunset… or sundowner.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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