Daft Punk’s new album

Drip by drip the new (and super-secret) Daft Punk album reveals itself and you were able to get an early taste right here on Tiamaria.com when viewers of the Coachella Festival heard a preview of a bitesize chunk of their new single ‘Get Lucky’ made in collaboration with Nile Rodgers, the legendary guitarist of Chic, and Pharrell Williams. The track is classic disco, just as you’d expect from the superstar French duo who married electronica, Eighties synth pop and disco in a wild, wild wedding and it has just broken Spotify’s streaming record. 

A galaxy of stars have been brought together on their forthcoming album. As well as Rodgers and Williams, there’s Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, Panda Bear, Giorgio Moroder, Todd Edwards, Chili Gonzales, DJ Falcon and Paul Williams. By any estimate, a pretty a diverse group! In their live album showcase, which they’re calling ‘Random Access Memories’, Daft Punk will play keyboards and computers with the kind of space-age visuals already featured on the cover of the CD: a tribute to robotics, much-loved sci-fi films and of course electro Gods Kraftwerk (who were known to feature robots in their place in their live act) plus of course also the inimitable look of Europop. After many rumours about their appearance at a possible mega festival on May 17 they will play the Agricultural Show, Wee Waa, Australia. Only 4000 tickets are on sale with reservation required and priority will go to Australian citizens and the other exhibitors at the show.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda


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