Calvi on the Rocks


The Gallic obsession with disco is akin to that of their cineastes of old – the John Luc Goddards, the Francois Truffauts – they reimagine America in a form that becomes triumphantly French.  So Daft Punk, high on Saturday Night Fever and the Beach Boys produced a sound combining vintage analog machines with cutting edge technology that could only have come from La France.  And Calvi on the Rocks, the ultra-cool electronic festival on the French island of Corsica between 6-11 July, does much the same for live music.  For one thing, instead of the rain, mud and “make do” that characterises so many northern European festivals, Calvi on the Rocks, strung out along the beach by the picturesque seaside town of Calvi, has a certain French flare, aided and abetted by almost guaranteed sunshine. Then there are the latest, most creative French DJs and topping the bill on Tuesday the 10th king of French electronica Sebastien Tellier of ‘La Ritournelle’ fame. ‘Le Barbu’ has gone from featuring on the soundtrack of Sophia Coppola’s ‘Lost in Translation’ and performing by far the best song, ‘Divine’, in 2008’s Eurovision (it came 18th with Tellier driving on to stage in a golf buggy trailing a Tricolor) to releasing his latest album ‘My God is Blue’, which he hopes will ‘bring out our dreams, combining our energies, in a huge blue wave that will cross the world’, something that in the beautiful setting of Calvi may make perfect sense.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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