Café Mambo

Situated opposite Ibiza’s famous “chill out boulevard”, Mambo shares Savannah’s fame for being one of the best places to experience the legendary Balearic sunset. The two clubs are seemingly joined at the hip, the flow of public (and sounds) between the two more or less continuous thanks to their outstanding location and the quality of the music. Mambo’s spectacular opening of the season was entrusted to John Digweed, the English superstar DJ, who has explored some of the most visionary, dreamlike electronic music of recent years and for whom Mambo has provided a new soundtrack, combining the rhythms of the “space” with the stately movement of the sun.

The natural sounds emerging from the café provide a wonderful introduction to a “chill summer” which is bound to star Tia Maria and its parties at nearby Savannah.

Mambo is also the venue for the famous Pacha pre party, continuing the tradition of sunset strip bars as places where you can not only enjoy drinks (this year the Savannah will feature the delicious Tia Maria Ibiza) but the music of the moment, chosen by famous DJs but in a more intimate setting than the big clubs.
So don’t keep your eyes off what is happening in the cafes like Mambo and Savannah – this is where Ibiza’s sunset soundtrack begins. These are the places where the party starts, that set the mood for the night ahead, with the greatest DJs, from Da Luciano to Pete Tong to Bob Sinclar, setting the pulse racing for the night ahead.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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